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What is BlueSpiceNamespaceManager?

BlueSpiceNamespaceManager displays information about the namespaces that are defined on the wiki. It also allows for creating, deleting and renaming namespaces, as well as chaning its settings.

Where to find the BlueSpiceNamespaceManager?

Editing a namespace

BlueSpiceNamespaceManager is availble from the right navigation, from "Global actions" tab, under "Management", or by directly accessing Special:NamespaceManager.

The functionality of BlueSpiceNamespaceManager

Basic functionality allows for:

  • Creating new namespaces. New namespace can be added by clicking on the "Plus" icon above the table containing the namespaces. In the dialog that opens, enter the name for the new namespace and select desired options.

Creating a new namespace will automatically create a corresponding talk namespace for it. ID of the new namespace cannot be choosen, it will be assigned automatically based on wiki settings and existing namespace IDs.

  • Editing a namespace - namespace can be edited by clicking on the "wrench" icon, in the table row or above the table, when a namespace is selected. Names of talk namespaces cannot be changed, as well as names of system namespaces (File, MediaWiki)...
  • Deleting a namespace. Only custom namespaces, those created by the user, can be deleted. Delete icon will appear/be avaible only on such namespaces.

After clicking on delete icon, a dialog will open offering options for what to do with the pages in the namespace being deleted. Options are:

  • pages will be deleted
  • pages will be moved to the main namespace - (Pages)
  • pages will be moved to the main namespace - (Pages) but will be renamed to include prefix withe the name of the deleted namespace.

Talk namespaces for a particular namespace will be deleted when their main namespace is delted, and cannot be deleted separately.

Every namespace that exist on the wiki, has a corresponding talk namespace, eg. namespace Template has talk namespace Template_talk. Talk namespaces are ment to hold the discussions on the topics of the main namespace.

Namespace options

In BlueSpiceNamespaceManager, settings of each namespace can be adjusted. These configuration options can be changed in the dialog when creating or editing a namespace.

Some of the options are built-in, and come by default with MediaWiki, like:

  • Content namespace - is the namespace ment to hold content
  • Subpages - does the namespace allow for subpage creation.

Other options come from various extension. Such options include:

More information on additional options can be found on individual pages of the extensions that are introducing those configuration options.

See also

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