4.37. BlueSpiceReadConfirmation

What is BlueSpiceReadConfirmation?

Read Confirmation asks for confirmation that an article was read by certain users.

Using BlueSpiceReadConfirmation

The prompt to confirm reading the page will appear for any user that is assigned to a page. It helps make sure all assigned users actually read the page they are assigned to.


Enabling read confirmation

Before read confirmation prompt will appear on a page, BlueSpiceReadConfirmation must previously be enabled for the namespace the page belongs to. This can be set using the NamespaceManager.

Confirming reading a page


Once BlueSpiceReadConfirmation is enabled for the namespace, upon opening a page, assigned user will see read confirmation prompt. After checking the checkbox "Yes, I have completely read this article", and clicking on "Confirm", page will be marked as read by that user.


Overview of read confirmations

Wiki admins can also see an overview of all read confirmation. This information is built in the overview of PageAssignments. Read confirmation information are located in "Read on" column. Page can have multiple states:

  • Read confirmation not enabled - in case BlueSpiceReadConfirmation is not enabled for the namespace that page belongs to.
  • Not read - in case BlueSpiceReadConfirmation is enabled, but the assigned user has not yet read the page.
  • [timestamp] - date and time when the page was read.

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