4.32. BlueSpicePageTemplates

What is BlueSpicePageTemplates?

BlueSpicePageTemplates offers creating new pages using predefined templates to set basic page structure.


Page template manager
Editing a template in the Page template manager
Available page templates when creating a new page

Creating template pages

Every page template depends on an actual page in namespace Template (NS_TEMPLATE) to provide the content that will be inserted into new pages when created using this page template. This must exist before creating a page template.

Creating page templates

Wiki admins can create new page templates, as well as edit and remove existing ones in Page template manager. It is located in the left navigation, in "Global actions" tab, under "Management" section.

From here, when selected, page template can be edited by clicking on the "wrench" icon, or deleted by clicking on the "X" icon. New templates can be created using the "Plus" button above the template list.

Template fields

When creating or editing a page template, following information need to be inserted.

  • Name - the name of the template
  • Description - a short description of the template
  • Namespace - list of namespace where using this template will be offered
  • Template - page from the Template namespace to pull the data from

Using page templates when creating new pages

Once the page template can be saved, it can be used when creating new pages in namespaces that the template is set for.

List of availble templates to choose from will appear when creating new page, below the "Empty page" default template. Selecting one of these page templates will create the new page that is prefilled with the content of the page in Template namespace that choosen page template is related to.

Tips for working with page templates

  • PageTemplates are particularly good for designing structures for minutes and logs, but they are also excellent for typical business or product data for marketing, sales and product management.

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