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BlueSpicePageAssignments allows assigning a user or a group to a particular page.

Assigned users or groups will be notified about changes of a page via email or internal notifications.

Assigning a page

Assignments on a single page

Overview of users and groups assigned to a page, as well as adding and removing users and groups, can be done via the Page assignments flyout. It is located in the right navigation, in tab "Quality management".

Single user or a group can be assigned to multiple pages.

Viewing assignments

Overview of the page assignments
Editing an assignments

Besides viewing all the assigned users and groups on a single page, as described above, wiki admins can also see a list of all pages that have users or groups assigned.

This is done in the Assignments manager located in the left navigation, in tab "Global actions" under the section "Management", or by navigating directly to Special:PageAssignments Here, assignments can be edited and removed as well. Edit the assignment by clicking on the "wrench" icon and delete the assignment by clicking on the "x" button when the assignment is selected.

Viewing own assignments

Every user can view the pages they are assigned to by clicking on "Assignments" in their personal menu (by clicking on their image in the upper right corner).

Setting permissions for assigned users

Configuring additional permissions for assigned users

Wiki admins can define a set of permissions that will be granted to assigned users for a page they are assigned to, even if these permissions were not granted to them by default.

This can be done in BlueSpiceConfigManager, by selecting config type "Extension" and selecting BlueSpicePageAssignments from the list.

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