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5.9. BlueSpiceConfigManager

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What is BlueSpiceConfigManager?

BlueSpiceConfigManager provides a special page that enables managing all BlueSpice wiki-wide settings in one place.

Where to find BlueSpiceConfigManager?


BlueSpiceConfigManager is accessible from the left navigation, from "Global actions" tab, under "Management section" or by navigating directly to Special:ConfigManager.

Using BlueSpiceConfigManager

Changing grouping types

Once on the special page, all settings will be grouped by logical groups. There are three ways of grouping the settings:

  • Feature - grouping by type of functionality setting belongs to (searching, administration...)
  • Extension - grouping by the extension the setting is coming from
  • Package - grouping by the package extension providing the setting comes from - namely BlueSpiceFree and BlueSpicePro.

Grouping can be changed by selecting different options from the dropdown list in the top left corner of the ConfigManager. All settings are available in any type of grouping, chaning the grouping type does not add or remove setting options, just groups them differently.

Once the grouping type is selected, a list of all availble groups will appear below the grouping dropdown box (list of features if "Feature" grouping is selected, list of extensions if "Extension" grouping is selected...)

Settings in particular group can be shown by clicking on one of the groups provided. Multiple groups can be selected at a time, in which case the list of settings on the right will show all the settings from selected groups combined.

Once the settings are adjusted, they can be saved by clicking on the "Save" button in the top right corner, or reset to values before changes, by clicking on the "Reset" button.

Searching for settings

A search bar is located above the list of settings, which can be used to search for the settings. All settings will be searched always, regardless of what groups are currently selected.

See also

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