Content Droplets

ContentDroplets is available from BlueSpice 4.3.2.

To insert additional functionality in a wiki page, you can use Content droplets. Content droplets include tags that were previously accessed from Insert > Magic word in the editor toolbar. They also provide access to some templates that are preconfigured in the wiki, such as message boxes.

Adding a droplet to a page

To add a droplet to a page:

  1. Click the Content droplets icon in the editor toolbar or type <<.
  2. Search for a droplet name in the search bar of the droplets menu or browse the droplets by category.
    droplet menu.png
  3. Select a droplet
  4. Click Insert.
Note:Some droplets open an inspector menu which contains another Insert button. Be sure to confirm that button as well.

Based on the type of droplet, you can continue with configuring the droplet as needed.

List of droplets

View examples of droplets outputs.

Droplet Description Inserts the following in the page source:
Attachments output
Area for organising attachments <attachments title="Attachments area">

* [[Media:Financial_Sample.xlsx]]


Booklist List of books based on a filter value. The value needs to be defined as a metadata value in the book settings <bs:booklist filter="Author:WikiSysop" />
Book PDF link  v4.4+ PDF-download link to a book {{BookPDFLink|book=Testbook|template=BlueSpice%20Book|label=Book PDF Link}}
Book table of contents
Book table of contents


Inserts the ToC of any book in a wiki page <booknav book="Admin_manual" chapter="1" />
BPMN diagram
BPMN diagram
Editable BPMN diagram <bpmn name="Test:Erm31642" />
Links styled as buttons
Link that is styled as a button {{ButtonLink|target=Main Page|label=click me!|format=blue}}
Categorytree Selected categories are shown in a tree structure <categorytree>TestCat</categorytree>
Checkbox  -v4.3 Checkbox that can be checked in view mode <bs:checkbox checked="true" />
Checklist List that allows to set a value in view mode <bs:checklist type="list" checked="true" list="Template:Status" value="Select status" />
Chemical formula
Chemical formula
Display of chemical formulas <chem>H2O</chem>
Circled number Number in a circle with customizable color {{CircledNumber|bgColor=black|fgColor=yellow|number=180}}
Code area for a css example
Highlighted section for code examples <syntaxhighlight lang="css">

.hi {background:blue;}


Create page Form field for predefined page creation {{CreateInput|alignment=left|buttonlabel=Create}}
Data query Enables queries on content in the wiki <dataquery modified="+" format="ul" count="6" namespaces="Main" />
Date  v4.4+
Date display
Inserts a date. This can be used in combination with the content droplet Task list 23 November 2023
Decision output
Highlights a decision as a page property {{Decision|decision=Eat more veggies}}{{Decision|decision=Buy new car}}
Decision overview
Decision report output


Table with a list of decisions that were created by the Decision content droplet
<decisionoverview namespaces=""></decisionoverview>
Drawio diagram
Editable diagram <drawio filename="Mydiagram">
Displays an image gallery <gallery>




Icons template
Inserts an icon {{Icon|bi bi-arrow-left-circle}}
Important Message
Message of type "important"
Adds colored panel for a important note {{Textbox|boxtype=important|header=OMG|text=Important|icon=yes}}
Links to this page List of pages that link to this page <whatlinkshere period="-" sort="time" showns="0" />
List of users logged in Pop-up with a list of all users that are currently logged in <bs:whoisonlinepopup />
Map output with text marker
Locations can be marked on the map {{Map|Munich ~ Hello there!|Munich, Germany}}
Mathematical formula
Screenshot of a math formula
Display of mathematical formulas <math>\tfrac{2}{4}</math>
Member list List of members of a wiki group <bs:userlist groups="sysop" count="6" />
A plain message
Adds text panel {{Textbox|boxtype=neutral|header=|text=SDadad|icon=no}}
Modal button Configurable button which opens a customizable modal dialogue {{ModalDialog|title=I am a dialog|btnLabel=click me!|body=This is the text|footer=hello world}}
Most visited pages List of the most visited wiki pages <bs:toplist count="3" period="-" />
New users List of new users in the wiki <bs:newbies count="4" />
Note Message
Message of type "Note"
Adds colored panel for a note {{Textbox|boxtype=note|header=|text=sfsadfasfdsdaf|icon=yes}}
Number of characters Shows the number of characters or words in a wiki page <bs:countcharacters />
Number of files Shows the number of all uploaded files <bs:countfiles />
Number of pages Shows the number of pages <bs:countarticles />
Number of users Shows the number of all users <bs:countusers />
Number of users logged in Number of currently logged in users <bs:whoisonlinecount />
Page access
Page access notification banner
Restricts access to the page to the specified groups <bs:pageaccess groups="sysop" />
PDF link Link that downloads another wiki page as PDF {{PDFLink|page=Main Page|template=BlueSpice|label=PDF Link}}
PDF page break Forces a page break at the set position during PDF export <bs:uepagebreak />
PDF preview Embed preview of a PDF file <pdf height="800">File:Raspberry_pi.pdf</pdf></code>
PDF no export Content within this section is excluded from the PDF export <bs:uenoexport>Don't export this text</bs:uenoexport>
Progress Visualizes progress against given measurement variables <bs:statistics:progress basecount="2" progressitem="OK" width="150" baseitem="Status:" />
Pros and cons
Pros and cons
Table for comparing pros and cons {{ProConList|title-advantages=Advantages|title-disadvantages=Disadvantages|advantages=* It is cheap|disadvantages=* It is sold out}}
Recent changes List of recently changed pages <recentchanges count="6" period="-" sort="time" showns="0" />
Signatures button
A button to add signatures in view mode <bs:signhere />
Search field
Search field
Adds a search field to the page content <bs:tagsearch type="wikipage" namespace="QM" />
Subpages List of the subpages of a wiki page {{Subpages|parentpage=Mypage}}
Success Message
Message of type "success"
Adds colored panel for a success note {{Textbox|boxtype=success|header=Example|text=Message text|icon=yes}}
Tag cloud Tag cloud based on categories or search queries <bs:tagcloud renderer="list" store="category" />
Task list
Task list output


Adds a checklist item
  • Checkbox text
  • (2)
Task report
Task report


Filterable list of existing tasks <taskreport user="" namespaces="" status=""></taskreport>
Tip Message
Message of type "tip"
Adds colored panel for a tip {{Textbox|boxtype=tip|header=Tip|text=sfsadf|icon=yes}}
User profile
User profile of type "Short"
A user profile will be included on this page <bs:socialentityprofile username="WikiSysop" rendertype="Short" />
Video Embeds video from different external platforms (YouTube) <embedvideo service="youtube">JILEkPu61Ao</embedvideo>
Visited pages List with visited pages <bs:pagesvisited count="7" maxtitlelength="40" order="time" />
Warning Message
Message of type "warning"
Adds a colored box for a warning note {{Textbox|boxtype=warning|header=Hello|text=|icon=yes}}
Watchlist Latest changes to pages included in your watch list <bs:watchlist count="5" maxtitlelength="20" order="time" />

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