4.46. BlueSpiceTagCloud

What is BlueSpiceTagCloud?

BlueSpiceTagCloud displays a tag cloud based on categories or search terms. It is used for visualizing most searched terms or viewed pages.

Inserting BlueSpiceTagCloud

Tag cloud tag in "Insert magic" dialog


<bs:tagcloud />

can be inserted to the page directly in wikitext or using "Insert magic" menu of VisualEditor. For more information on how to insert magic words, see BlueSpiceInsertMagic.


Tag cloud configuration in edit mode

If tag is added using VisualEditor, after inserting it, a configuration window (inspector) will appear. It shows configurations in two tabs:

  • Common
  • Advanced

Common configuration

Parameter Display name Description
renderer Type Mode of rendering the cloud
  • List - results will be shown as a list
  • Text - terms will be shown one after another, with font size depending on the frequency
  • 3D - terms will be shown in a modern, interactive view
width Width Percent of the page width taken by the cloud
showcount Show count Whether to show numeric frequency of the term in the cloud
Tag cloud on page in view mode

Advanced configuration

Parameter Display name Description
store Store Source of the data - category or search terms
minsize Min font size Smallest possible font displayed in the cloud
maxsize Max font size Biggest possible font displayed in the cloud
exclude Exclude pages List of pages to exclude from the cloud, separated by comma - "Page1, Page2, Page3"

See also

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