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What is BlueSpiceAvatars?

BlueSpiceAvatars handles profile images of wiki users. Every user has an automatically generated avatar created or can upload their personal image.

Where to find Avatars?


User's profile image will appear throughout the wiki on the pages that user has contributed to, or have otherwise been involved with. Mainly, user profile image will be shown in the top right corner, if the user is logged in. Clicking this image will open user's personal menu, while clicking the user profile image anywhere else, through the wiki, will lead to user's profile page.

Changing profile image


There are two ways for users to change their profile image.

  • By going to "Preferences" in user's personal menu and typing a valid name of an image that is upload to the wiki in "User image" field. After saving the settings, user image will be changed.
  • By going to user's profile page (recommended). User's profile page can be reached from user's personal menu, by clicking on "My profile", or directly navigating to "User:{username}" page.

Once there click on the "menu" symbol right of the profile image and navigate to "User image" in the menu. This will open a dialog where user can:

  • Upload new picture
  • Choose existing picture from the wiki or an URL
  • Generate new automatic Avatar


Settings in ConfigManager

Configuration for this extension is located in BlueSpiceConfigManager under the section for BlueSpiceAvatars. Here default generator for automatic creation of Avatars can be changed. Availble generators are:

  • InstantAvatar (default)
  • Identicon

See also

Reference page for this extension.