is available from BlueSpice 4.2.

What are file attachments?

File attachments are links on wiki pages that link directly to an uploaded file (Word document, PDF, image file,...). From BlueSpice 4.2, file attachments are directly integrated into a wiki page.

Important!Attachments on pages before BlueSpice 4.2 will be moved to the page content during the update to 4.2. This triggers a new revision (version) of each affected page. Pages that have been in approved state will have a new draft version.

Create attachments

To create file attachments:

  1. Choose "attachments" and click Done.
    Magic word "attachments"
    Magic word "attachments"
  2. Save the page. You will now see the new attachments area.
    New attachments area
    New attachments area
  3. Upload a new file to the wiki (button 1). Alternatively, choose an already existing file (button 2).
Note:When uploading a new file, you should check the file/page name for unusual special characters (e.g., ", %, /,< ,>, [ ,], {, }). Change the name to include only standard characters, since the server file system could have problems with them or since some characters have special meanings in MediaWiki.

The special characters (, ), &, + can be used and are translated into their equivalent %-hex notation.

: will be converted to spaces, unless it is part of an existing namespace prefix.

Elements of the attachments area

The appearance of the attachments area can be adjusted with settings in the attachments tag. To set the parameters, go to the edit mode of the page and click on the attachments area. The tag inspector opens. It consists of two areas:

  1. Prefix, Categories, Description: Default values for files that are newly uploaded to the wiki via the attachments section. The default values are also used when the toggle switch "Skip upload options" is activated. In this case, the files are transferred directly to the wiki without any further upload dialogs. The standard upload options are applied.
  2. Toggle switches that show or hide different columns in the attachments area.
    attachments inspector
    attachments inspector

The following parameters are available (all settings are optional):

Parameter Description
Title Title that should be shown at the top of the attachments area.
1 Prefix A prefix that should automatically be added during the upload.


Product: (prefixes the filename with the namespace-prefix for the Product namespace)

1 Categories Default categories for newly uploaded files.
1 Description Default description for newly uploaded files.
2 Skip upload options When uploading new files, they are uploaded directly to the wiki without showing a further settings dialogs. The standard upload options (prefix, categories, description) are applied.
2 Hide version The "Latest version" column is hidden. This column shows the last edit date.
2 Hide editor The "Editor" column is hidden. This column shows the last editor.
2 Show size The "Size" column is displayed. This shows the file size in KB/MB.
2 Show categories The "Categories" column is displayed. If a file is categorized, the categories are listed here.

Additional features

  • Click the x-icon to remove an attachment from the attachments pane.
  • Click the i-icon to open the file description page.
  • Click on the filter symbol in the header bar to filter for terms in the file name.

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