Terms of use[edit | edit source]

Changing the link targets[edit | edit source]

The link target of the terms of use is stored in system messages and can be changed by administrators if necessary.

Terms of service
Terms of service
Link Link target Standard target page System message (standard) System message (cloud)
privacy policy MediaWiki:Privacypage Project:Privacy policy "privacypage": "Project:Privacy policy" "bs-cloudclient-privacypolicypage": "Project:PrivacyPolicy"
terms of service MediaWiki:Termsofservicepage Project:Terms of service "termsofservicepage": "Project:Terms_of_service" "bs-cloudclient-termsofservicepage": "Special:TermsOfService"

Account deletion or anonymization[edit | edit source]

Request to administrators[edit | edit source]

When a request for anonymization or account deletion is made, users in the sysop group will receive an email notification.

They can then access the Privacy admin page located in Global actions > Management or by navigating to Special:PrivacyAdmin.

This pages lists the submitted requests. Administrators can review and approve or deny them.

  • Grant request (click green tick)
  • Reject request (click on red crossed out circle)
Review privacy request
Review privacy request

In addition, administrators can see the status of the Privacy policy consent for every user on the wiki on this page.

Direct action by users[edit | edit source]

The wiki can be configured sothat users can perform these actions immediately without approval from an administrator first (not possible in BlueSpice Cloud). Requesting actions applies to:

  • anonymization
  • account deletion

Immediate action can be configured as $bsgPrivacyEnableRequests = false; be activated in LocalSettings.php.

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