4.25. BlueSpiceInterWikiLinks

What is BlueSpiceInterwikiLinks?

BlueSpiceInterWikiLinks simplifies linking to other wikis. Through this extension, abbreviations for different extenal wikis can be created, in order to make linking to other wikis easier, and resulting in a much shorter link. Full URL only needs to be known when defining the InterWikiLink, rather than each time it is used.

Where to find Interwikilinks Manager?

Accessing BlueSpiceInterwikiLinks
Editing a link

Manager for Interwiki links can be found in the admin area of the main navigation, under "Management". The manager can also be accessed through Special:InterWikiLinks. User is required to have administrative rights in order to access this page.

Overview of all Interwikilinks

Admins can create and delete Interwikilinks on the special page. Existing links can be edited by clicking the "wrench" icon when the link is selected, or deleted by clicking the "X" button.

Syntax for interwiki links is:


$1 is the placeholder for the article title of the other wiki.

Use Interwikilinks in Articles

When in edit mode, links to other wikis defined in the list of Interwiki links can be added just like links to local pages, but with Interwiki prefix at the beggining.

An example:

The URL to Wikipedia article "Tree house" is:


If we presume that Interwiki link is inserted in the manager as:

prefix: wikipedia, url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/$1

link to be inserted on the page would be:

[[wikipedia:Tree_house|Wikipedia article about tree houses]]

Special UseCase: Multilingualism

The prerequisite for this is the implementation of multilingualism using the multi-wiki-concept. This means, for every language a separate wiki is used. The corresponding articles in the appropriate language wikis are connected by interwikilinks. With BlueSpice, the flag symbols are automatically inserted when the interwikilinks with language abbreviations are set, which makes it easy to switch between the language wikis.

This is how you use interwikilinks for realizing multilingualism:

Step 1: Create interwikilinks for the required languages ​​and configure them in the Interwikilink manager (see above). The prefix must always be an ISO-3166 country code, e.g. de, en, fr. Deposit the corresponding URL of the wiki with the appropriate language.

Step 2: Add interwikilinks in the articles to link them to the corresponding article in the language wikis. Where in the article the interwikilink is located, is not relevant.


In the article "Tree", insert the following interwikilinks:



The result of setting the first link is, that also the English flag will be shown in the language selection. This is not necessary and can also be omited. The second link connects the article with the related german article "Baum" in the german wiki.

In the left navigation, the languages available are listed under "In Other Languages". At the top of the wiki, the language flags are shown, with which you can navigate the other wikis.

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