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Store and compute named arrays  +
Automatically logs-in users using the <code>REMOTE_USER</code> environment variable  +
Offers an information page, which is delivered with every edition of a BlueSpice MediaWiki distribution.  +
Displays additional information about an article like the last edit, page assignments or categories.  +
Creates preview images of wikipages for dynamic file dispatcher  +
Displays pictures of editors right at the end of each article.  +
Assigns an automatically generated individual profile picture for every user.  +
enables you to combine different wiki articles to create books and also to export those as a pdf document.  +
provides a graphical administration interface for creating, editing and managing books.  +
BlueSpice Skin  +
Page cannot be saved unless category is assigned to a page.  +
show all categories of the wiki and its structuring at a glance.  +
Allows inserting checkboxes and checklists for task management.  +
Offers the possibility to admins, to configurate the whole wiki from a single SpecialPage  +
Provides context menus for various links.  +
Provides content based statistics.  +
Provides customizable menus  +
<span style="color: #222222; font-family: sans-serif;">Provides dashboards for users and administrators.</span>  +
General interface between MediaWiki extensions and BlueSpice.  +
connects Bluespice with Manual:Extension/DrawioEditor for creating digrams.  +