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Description: Automatically logs-in users using the REMOTE_USER environment variable
State: stable Dependency: MediaWiki
Developer: Otheus Shelling, Rusty Burchfield, James Kinsman, Daniel Thomas, Ian Ward Comfort, Mark A. Hershberger, Stefan Engelhardt License: GPL v2+
Type: MediaWiki Category: Infrastructure
Edition: BlueSpice free (deactivated), BlueSpice pro (deactivated), BlueSpice Farm (deactivated) Version: 4.1+
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The Auth remoteuser extension automatically logs-in users if they are already authenticated by an arbitrary remote source. The extension maps the given remote user name to an existing user name in the local wiki database (or creates it first if it has the permissions to do so). The external source takes total responsibility in authenticating that user.

This allows integration with the web server's built-in authentication system (for example via the REMOTE_USER environment variable, which is set through HTTP-Auth, LDAP, CAS, PAM, etc.) or any other type of external authentication (SSL client auth, user accounts provided by different forum software, etc.).


Test status: 2-testing complete
Last test date: 2022-08-08

Extension type: backend