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Installing BlueSpice 3 with installer

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With BlueSpice 3, we offer the installation as a complete package with MediaWiki and BlueSpice. This installation guide gives you step-by-step instructions to install BlueSpice.

Important!If you do a fresh install of BlueSpice 3.2 it might be necessary to run update.php afterwards if you get an error.

Note:This document only describes the steps for installing the web application itself. For the installation of extended functions such as VisualEditor and Extendedsearch, please refer to the corresponding documentation.

We will not go into details about your operating system installation here, but assume that you have already configured your system and stored the installation package in a web root of your choice, where you can access it via your browser. You can find more details in our detailed installation guide.

Further help on optimizing the operating system can be found in our compendium.

Step-by-step installation

If you also install the paid extension "BlueSpiceWikiFarm", make sure that the codebase is not located directly in the DocumentRoot of your web server or VirtualHost - it must be located in the /w subfolder!

Setup:Screenshot 12.png Step 1 - Start the installation setup: First, open the URL of your web application in your browser. Then click on "set up the wiki" to start the installation.

Note: If you don't meet all necessary requirements for PHP yet, you won't be able to view this setup page yet. Please make the necessary corrections to your PHP installation first.

Otherwise, you are now on the page shown in the screenshot (click on the thumbnail to see the full screenshot).

Setup:Screenshot (213) 123.png Step 2 - Select your language: You are now in the language selection.

"Your language" defines the language that guides you through the installer,

"Wiki language" the later language settings of your wiki.

Setup:Screenshot (215)3.png Step 3 - MediaWiki Installation Check: This step takes you to the MediaWiki installation check.

Please read this check carefully, as possible hints may not block the installation itself, but may lead to restrictions of the wiki functionality in practice.

Make the necessary corrections to your system and reload the page in your browser before proceeding with the setup.

Setup:Screenshot (218).png Step 4 - Establish the database connection: In this step, you configure the database connection.

Here you can either specify the root user of your MySQL server and in the following step have the installer create an additional user who only has access to the BlueSpice database. The database will also be created automatically if it does not yet exist.

Or, alternatively, you can create a user and a database in advance and directly enter this information here. You can find information on the manual creation of users and databases in the official Mediawiki documentation.

BlueSpice 3 Installation Step 5 Step 5 - Create the BlueSpice database user: Depending on the procedure you followed in the previous step, you can now define an exclusive user for your BlueSpice database.

If you have already created the user explicitly for the database in advance, leave the check mark at "Use the same database account as during the installation process".

BlueSpice 3 Installation Step 6 Step 6 - Create your wiki name and administrator account: Enter the name for your wiki. This name is displayed in the title bar of your browser and in various other places such as in notification mails.

Pay extra attention to the correct spelling, because this name can afterwards only be changed with a certain effort and certain risks.

Next, enter the username, password and e-mail address of the first wiki administrator. The administrator account is then created by the wiki during setup.

Setup:Screenshot (223)e.png Step 7 - Options: In this step, you specify the e-mail address for notification e-mails.
Setup:Screenshot (220)35.png Step 8 - Installation: This step announces the installation of the wiki. If you don't need to make any changes to the previous steps, click "Next" to start the installation process.
Setup:Screenshot (219).png Step 9 - Installation status: After the successful installation of BlueSpice, you see a confirmation page that you confirm with "Next".
Setup:Screenshot (224).png Step 10 - Download LocalSettings.php: In the last step of the installation, you will be asked to download the configuration file "LocalSettings.php" of your installation. Download it and place it in the root directory of your BlueSpice codebase.
Step 11 - Rename the template folders: Open the folder ..\extensions\BluesSpiceFoundation and rename the subfolder config.template to config and create the new folder data. These folders should have read and write access, see File System Permissions.

Run the script ..\maintenance\update.php from the console.

BlueSpice 3 Installation Step 12 Step 12 - Load the BlueSpice welcome page: If you now access the URL you specified for BlueSpice, you now see the BlueSpice welcome page. You can start using BlueSpice immediately.
Note:If the page is not loading, give the group "users" change-permissions for the folder C:\Windows\Temp.
Important!As next step, you can configure VisualEditor and Extendedsearch.