ExtendedSearch configuration

If the ElasticSearch service is up and running, you can enable BlueSpice Extended Search.

  • Go to your BlueSpice install path. For example:
cd /var/www/bluespice
  • Go to the folder settings.d:
cd settings.d
  • Create a file in this folder and name it 020-BlueSpiceExtendedSearch.local.php.
  • Put the following content in the newly created file.
wfLoadExtension( 'BlueSpiceExtendedSearch' );
$GLOBALS['wgSearchType'] = 'BS\\ExtendedSearch\\MediaWiki\\Backend\\BlueSpiceSearch';
  • Go to your BlueSpice install path again. For example:
cd /var/www/bluespice
  • Run the following scripts to build the search index.
php extensions/BlueSpiceExtendedSearch/maintenance/initBackends.php --quick
php extensions/BlueSpiceExtendedSearch/maintenance/rebuildIndex.php --quick
php maintenance/runJobs.php

Done! The extended search functionality is now active.

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