4.1. BlueSpiceArticleInfo

What is BlueSpiceArticleInfo?

BlueSpiceArticleInfo provides additional information on a particular page.

Using BlueSpiceArticleInfo

Most important information, like the time of the last edit and user who last edited the page, are displayed directly in the view mode of a page.

Complete list of information related to the page are displayed in a flyout and are accessible from the right navigation.


Following information are available here:

  • Time of the last edit
  • Last editor
  • Number of views
  • Categories page belong to
  • Templates used on the page
  • Subpages of a page (visible only when the page actually has subpages)


Settings in ConfigManager

In BlueSpiceConfigManager under the section for BlueSpiceArticleInfo, an interval in which page information will be refreshed can be set.

See also

Reference page for this extension.