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What is BlueSpiceReaders?

BlueSpiceReaders displays the visitors of a wiki article.

Where to find BlueSpiceReaders

Readers in the flyout
Readers in the special page

List of article visitors is availble from the right navigation, in "Quality management" tab, in the "Page information" flyout. Also, readers of the page are available on Special:Readers/PAGE_NAME, which can be accessed only by wiki admins. This special page shows more complete information then the flyout.


Configuration of BlueSpiceReaders

In BlueSpiceConfigManager, wiki admins can change the settings for BlueSpiceReaders. Here number of readers to be shown in the flyout can be changed (defaults to 10).


An avatar image is automatically generated if the user does not upload a profile picture or if the user decides to create an avatar image in the preferences.

  • Generator
    • InstantAvatar: Generates an avatar image based on using the initials of the Real name or the Username
    • Identicon: Generates an avatar image based on parts of the user's IP address.

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