Maintenance scripts

  • createAndPromote.php:
    creates a new user or modifies an existing user. For the corresponding user, the script can then grant additional rights (e.g. sysop, bureaucrat or bot rights) and change the user's password.

  • dumpBackup.php:
    creates an XML dump which contains the content of the wiki (wiki pages with all their revisions), without the site-related data.

  • dumpPDF.php:
    exports pages from all content namespaces to PDF.

  • importDump.php:
    imports XML dump files produced fromSpecial:Export or dumpBackup.php and saves them into the current wiki.

  • importImages.php:
    uploads images to MediaWiki from the same computer where the wiki is configured. It does a remote upload if configuration parameter$wgForeignFileRepos is configured correctly.

  • contentStabilization  v4.3+:
    changes the page status of pages.

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