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BlueSpice Extension: BlueSpiceUEModuleBookPDF


This script allows to export the wiki pages from all content namespaces to PDF.

To run the script, execute:

php {MW_ROOT}/extensions/BlueSpiceUEModuleBookPDF/maintenance/dumpPDF.php --file:<localpath> --limit:200


  • --file: Defines the output path and the base filename.
    This name will be appended with the namespace number and, if --limit is set, with the split group. Expamle: --file=/tmp/test.pdf will result in /tmp/test_0.pdf or /tmp/test_0_ABC.pdf,
  • --limit: Sets a limit for wikipages in a namespace included in one pdf. If the limit is exceed, the namspace will be split into pdfs depending on the first character of the page name. If parameter --limit is not set, all pages of a namespace will be exported to one pdf file.
  • --verbose: Runs the script in verbose mode.
  • --mail: E-mail address for a notification email.

You can see the list of possible options with descriptions by using the following command:

php {MW_ROOT}/extensions/BlueSpiceUEModuleBookPDF/maintenance/dumpPDF.php --help
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