Mass approval using a script

The script ContentStabilization/maintenance/batchStabilize.php can be used to approve all drafts in the wiki starting with BlueSpice 4.3+. This affects both first drafts, drafts of pages with already approved versions and drafts for embedded resources.

This script allows the approval of all pages in a namespace or, alternatively, a list of pages defined in a text file.


Option Description
--namespace Id of namespace to flag entirely
--user Required. The user name of an existing user that is shown as page approver
--comment Adds a stabilization comment to the revision history of the page
--verbose Runs the script in verbose mode to show exceptions


Whole namespace

php extensions/ContentStabilization/maintenance/batchStabilize.php --user WikiSysop --namespace 3000

List of page names

Starting with BlueSpice 4.3.2, a file with a newline-separate list of pages (as an arg or as stdin) can be used to define the pages that need to be approved:

php extensions/ContentStabilization/maintenance/batchStabilize.php --verbose /tmp/page-titles-to-review.txt
php extensions/ContentStabilization/maintenance/batchStabilize.php --verbose < /tmp/page-titles-to-review.txt
In case the page titles contain special characters (like ä, ö, ü and so on), make sure to save the file in UTF-8 encoding. Otherwise the script may not be able to find the according page names inside the database!

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