Extension: ContentTransfer

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Description: Copies new or existing wiki pages into a different wiki. (v3.2 and up)
State: stable Dependency: BlueSpice
Developer: HalloWelt License: GPL v3
Type: BlueSpice Category: Quality Assurance
Edition: BlueSpice farm (deactivated) Version: 4.1+


Users with the appropriate authorization can copy up to 200 pages per transfer from a wiki to the same namespace of a target wiki. This extension usually requires BlueSpice farm.

Depending on the settings selected on the ContentTransfer special page, the following files are copied:

  • the selected wiki pages
  • the related category pages
  • the book page associated with wiki pages
  • the templates associated with wiki pages
  • attached files

Technical information

Important!The extension is deactivated by default and must first be activated in 060-ContentTransfer under settings.d - or in the LocalSettings.custom.php in the installation folder (not just in a single farm instance):wfLoadExtension ('ContentTransfer');


The following information is necessary to transfer content between two wiki instances:


Name of the source wiki. This is the directory name from /opt/mediawiki/w/_sf_instances/ .


Descriptive name of the target wiki. This is usually the same as <target-instance-name>, but can be chosen freely to better describe the instance. Does not allow spaces.


Name of the target wiki. This is the directory name from /opt/mediawiki/w/_sf_instances/ . It can be extracted from the url of the wiki instance.


The display name for the target wiki. It can contain empty spaces. This information is optional and can be commented out.




A user name in the form of <username>@<id>.

The bot user has to be generated from Special:BotPasswords in the target wiki. After you click "Create", a page for selecting the bot rights is shown. Activate the following settings:

  • High-volume editing
  • Edit existing pages
  • Edit protected pages
  • Create, edit and move pages,
  • Upload new files
  • Upload, replace and move files


The password is created in the wiki and needs to be used in the settings below.

With all this info, open /opt/mediawiki/w/_sf_instances/<source-instance-name>/LocalSettings.custom.php .

Add the following info:

$wgContentTransferTargets['<target-instance-descriptive-name>'] = [
    "url" => "https://<servername>/<target-instance-name>/api.php",
    "user" => "<bot-username-provided>",
    "password" => "<bot-password-provided>",
    "draftNamespace" => "Draft",
    "pushToDraft" => true,
    "displayText" => "<target-instance-label>",

If ContentTransfer is used without the extension MergeArticles, the information about drafts has to be deactivated in the settings block:

# "draftNamespace" => "Draft", 
"pushToDraft" => false,


$wgContentTransferTargets['MeinWiki'] = [
    "url" => "",
    "user" => "Snow@Schneewittchen",
    "password" => "uuicqdv9mubfrepbpqu1bvsl5957cpa9",
 #  "draftNamespace" => "Draft",
    "pushToDraft" => false,
    "displayText" => "Mein Wiki",

{{Messagebox|boxtype=note|Note text=To conclude the confguration, you need to run update.php}}

Additional settings

$wgContentTransferIgnoreInsecureSSL = false; // Ignore invalid SSL certificates (for test systems)
$wgContentTransferPageLimit = 200; // Max number of pages to be allowed at one 
$wgContentTransferOnlyContentNamespaces = true; // Only allow content namespaces to be selected in filters
$wgContentTransferAllowTalkNamespaces = false; // Allow talk namespaces to be selected in filters


ContentTransfer requires BlueSpiceFoundation. Pages that already exist in the target wiki, can be merged using the extension MergeArticles.


To transfer pages from a source to other target wikis, users need the permission content-transfer. By default, it is contained in the admin role.


Test status: 2-testing complete
Checked for: Authoring tool
Last test date: 2022-08-10
WCAG level: AA
WCAG support: partially supports (workaround: no)

Small keyboard issue: Transfer button is difficult to focus. Could use shortcut like VE Save button (Shift+alt+S)

Screenreader accessibility: multiple issues


Extension type: extended
Extension focus: organizer