BlueSpice 4.5:This help page applies to the notifications functionality for BlueSpice 4.5+. For earlier versions, go to the previous documentation.

Registered wiki users receive notifications for a variety of changes to the wiki. Users can subscribe to different types of notifications.

Automatically generated notifications

Some notifications are not dependent on a subscription and are always automatically sent to users. These include:

  • Reminders: Your reminders are due in one week or today
  • Read confirmation requests: You have a new read confirmation request
  • Mentions and tasks: Another user mentioned you or a new task was assigned to you
  • Workflow notifications: A workflow you initiated has finished or you have a new workflow task
  • Page assignment changes: Someone assigned you to a page or removed your page assignment.
    Note: Users are not automatically notified about changes on pages to which they are assigned. Assigned users have to subscribe to be notified.
  • Changes to your user page by other users
  • Reverted changes via the page history by other users
  • Changes to your wiki permissions and other administrative events

List of events that trigger automatic notifications

Events without notifications

The following events do not trigger notifications:

  • own edits
  • page revisions that are marked as "minor edit"

Subscribing to notifications

In addition to automatic notifications, you can subscribe to additional notifications. These custom notification sets are meant to inform you about very specific events in a single context (for example: page approvals in a particular namespace).

Notifications tab with three subscriptions
Notifications tab in user preferences

To subscribe to a notification set:

  1. Click on Preferences in your user menu.
  2. Switch to the tab Notifications.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Create your notification subscription. See below for selecting the options.
  5. Click Done to save your new notification set.
    Dialog box for adding a subscription
    Subscription settings
A note for wiki administrators:If you are an administrator and need to monitor the entire wiki, it is more efficient to habitually check the overview pages that show all changes in the wiki (e.g., the pages for Recent changes or the Quality overview page for the approval status of all pages) That way, you can avoid beeing flooded with notifications.


Setting Description
Receive notifications for
  • Book: if pages change in a book. To get notifiied about multiple namespaces, you need to create separate subscriptions.
  • Namespace: if pages change in a namespace. To get notifiied about multiple namespaces, you need to create separate subscriptions.Namespace: if pages change in a namespace. To get notifiied about multiple namespaces, you need to create separate subscriptions.
  • Category: if pages change in a category. To get notifiied about multiple categories, you need to create separate subscriptions. Subcategories are also not included in a category subscriptions. They each require their own notification.
  • Watchlist: if pages change that are on your watchlist.
  • Assigned pages: if pages change that are on your assignments list.
Type of notifications
  • Low-frequency:
    • create / move / delete page
    • edit / delete discussion or blog topic / comment
  • High-frequency:
    • edit page
    • create blog post or discussion topic
    • create blog or discussion comment
  • Quality monitoring:
    • approval of assigned page
    • page expiry
Delivery method By default, notifications appear in the wiki itself. If you want to get email notifications as well, you need to activate the email checkbox.

Viewing notifications

If a user has unread notifications, the bell symbol in the top toolbar shows the number of new notifications. Clicking the notification symbols opens a mega menu with the 10 most recent notifications.

Buttons in the top toolbar with active notifications symbol
New notifications

At the end of the notifications is a link to view all notifications. This link opens the Notification center.

layout of the notification center with 4 marked areas
Notifications center

The following features are available in the Notification center:

1 - Notifications filter: The filter lists notifications by category or namespace.

2 - Status tab: You can view unread notifications as well as read notifications or all notifications.

3 - Preferences: Here you can clear the unread notifications list or go to your user preferences to update your notification subscriptions.

4 - Notification: Clicking on the filled-in blue notification marker will mark a notification as read.

Customizing the notification emails

By default, the emails use the settings from the page Special:FlexiSkin. If your wiki does not have active FlexiSkin settings, the standard template uses the BlueSpice Logo and default colors.

Screenshot of the default layout with example content
Notification email layout

You can customize the content and design of the default email layout directly in the wiki. This requires changes to the following three pages:

  • MediaWiki:Wrapper.mail
  • MediaWiki:SingleNotification.mail
  • MediaWiki:DigestNotification.mail

How to customize the notification email layout

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