3.3. Personal navigation

Users can customize their personal navigation menu. The mega menu can be opened by clicking on the profile picture in the top toolbar.

Customizing the menu

The user menu consists of two sections: Customizable links and Personal tools. Only the customizable links can be edited.

user menu
user menu

By default, the menu shows the following information:

  • Pages visited (widget PAGESVISITED)
  • My edits (widget YOUREDITS)
  • Watchlist (widget WATCHLIST)

These widgets can be removed individually when a user customizes the sidebar.

Customizing the sidebar

To customize the content of this sidebar, click on Edit sidebar at the bottom of the sidebar after hovering over any menu item. This opens the page User:<username>/Sidebar.

The syntax used to define the sidebar corresponds to the main MediaWiki sidebar (MediaWiki:Sidebar). Entries starting with a single star ("*") are considered menu headings or sections while entries with two stars ("**") are considered menu items.

* My favourite pages
** [[Wiki_Page1|Label]]
** [External_Page2 Label]

The sidebar can contain multiple sections. Also, users can use widgets to display predefined lists of pages, as described above. Widgets should be inserted as sections (with one star), like:

* My custom section
** [[Page1]]

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