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Linking pages is an important feature of browser-based knowledge documentation. The links often differ in their function. Links connect wiki pages with:

  • other wiki pages
  • external websites
  • files (images, PDF files, Word documents,...)
  • files stored on other drives

How do I create links?[edit | edit source]

Use the Insert link menu item in VisualEditor or use the shortcut Ctrl+K. In both cases, a dialog box opens.

Insert link to a wiki page
Insert link to a wiki page

Link to a wiki page[edit | edit source]

Internal links connect related pages or other content that provides more information. Page names can exist multiple times in different namespaces. Therefore, under Search pages, enter the namespace if the destination page is not in the same namespace as the current page.

If you have selected some text on the page, you will find some page suggestions already listed in the Search pages tab. Here, you can adjust the search term accordingly or create a link to a new page.

Then click on Done.

In the source text, links are created with the following structure:

  • Link to a wiki page: [[landing page name|caption]]
  • Link to a wiki page in another namespace: [[namespace:landing page name|caption]]
  • Link to a category page: [[:Category:category name|caption]] To create a link to a category, the source code is preceded by a colon before the category name. In contrast, the link "Category: BlueSpice" would create a category called BlueSpice instead of linking to the category BlueSpice.
  • Interwiki link: [[Imdb:tt2709692]]If your wiki links to other wikis, you can use the tab Search pages also to directly link to a page in a related wiki. For example, if your administrator maintains an interwiki link for the IMDb movie database, it can be typed in as in the example above. Ask your administrator which interwiki links are available in your wiki.

Link to an external website[edit | edit source]

To link to an external website, mark text on your page, e.g. the word "Wikipedia". Press Ctrl+K and switch to the tab External link. There you enter the web address. Then click Insert.

External link.png

Note: To easily maintain external links on your wiki, use the page Special:LinkSearch. This page allows you to search for external links in your entire wiki. The page also contains a link to the associated Mediawiki help page.

Link to a file[edit | edit source]

To link a file (for example, a picture or a PDF file) in the current page, go to the Link to File tab. There, you can search for a file or upload a new file.

Insert link to a file
Insert link to a file
  • Search for a file in the wiki and include it as a link: Enter the file name and select the desired file. Then click on "Paste". A link to the file has been added to the page. You can then change the displayed link text.
  • Link file to a network drive: If you want to connect to a file on your company network, enter the path under "Link to file" in the text field and activate "Network share path (URI)". The file path is entered using the following syntax - [[:file:///Z:/myfolder/vacatio]]. this only works if your wiki has been configured to work with network files. This function also depends on your individual browser security settings.

    Link to a network file
    Link to a network file

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