Make sure that the Apache Tomcat server is completely installed and configured on the BlueSpice server before setting up PDF-Export.

Moving the BShtml2PDF Application[edit | edit source]

Important!Starting in BlueSpice 4.x, BShtml2 is no longer in the distribution and has to be downloaded and installed separately.


Download the file "BShtml2PDF.war" and copy it to <tomcat-webapps>

The default paths are as follows:

  • C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 10.0\webapps (Apache Tomcat on Windows)
  • /var/lib/jetty9/webapps (Jetty on Debian)

Or run the command sudo mv /var/www/bluespice/w/extensions/BlueSpiceUEModulePDF/webservices/BShtml2PDF.war /var/lib/jetty9/webapps in the terminal. (Linux)

The application usually starts automatically without the need for rebooting the application server.

Checking the functionality[edit | edit source]

The correct functionality of the BShtml2PDF service can be checked as follows:

On Windows, open Internet Explorer using the URL http://localhost:8080/BShtml2PDF. With correct functionality, you should see the following website:

Tomcat Check 03

Enable PDF Export in BlueSpice[edit | edit source]

Go to the directory <installpath-bluespice>/settings.d. Open the file 020-BlueSpiceUEModulePDF.php in a text editor.

Or open the 020-BlueSpiceUEModulePDF.php in the terminal using the command sudo nano /var/www/bluespice/w/settings.d/020-BlueSpiceUEModulePDF.php. (Linux)

In the second line is the code to activate the extension:

return; // Disabled. Needs Tomcat

You can either add a comment character (#) to the beginning of this line or delete the line completely, save the file and exit it.

Note:Give the user "Everyone" full access to the Temp folder under C:\Widows.

Installing BlueSpice 3 with installer[edit | edit source]

  1. Open localhost/w in your Browser and follow the instructions.
  2. For BlueSpice WikiFarm, move the .htaccess and web.config files to C:\bluespice\var

Open a command line and change into the folder <installpath-bluespice>. Execute the following command:

php maintenance/update.php (Linux)
php maintenance\update.php (Windows))
Note:In Windows, make sure that the environment variables are set correctly to access the "php" command.
Note:Note that you must update the file system permissions after running update.php.

When the script is finished with the "Done" message, you have successfully isntalled the web service .

Setup:Setup bluespice maintenance update.jpg

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

If there is a problem with the PDF export in BlueSpice, first check the file system permissions.

Download Web services[edit | edit source]

If the required war-file is missing in your installation package, you can download it here: Webservices.

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