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MariaDB on Windows

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BlueSpice stores your content in a database for which you need to install a corresponding server. The steps listed here are required.


Alternatively, you can use MySQL at this point, but we recommend the database server MariaDB described in the following document.


In Internet Explorer, open the official download page (1). Click on the corresponding download link (2).

MariaDB Download 01

Select the MSI package in the 64bit version:

MariaDB Download 02

Follow the further download instructions and download the installation package to your hard disk.

Please note that the download on your Windows Server with Internet Explorer only works if you have configured the Internet Explorer Advanced Security Settings in the Server Manager. Please refer to the technical documentation from Microsoft.

In the following the MariaDB version 10.3.13 is used and serves as an example only for the latest version, which you can download at the time of your installation.

Installing MariaDB

Open the file just downloaded "mariadb-10.3.13-winx64.msi".

Start the installation by clicking "Next":

MariaDB Installation 01

Confirm the license agreement (1) and click "Next" (2):

MariaDB Installation 02

Den nächsten Schritt bestätigen Sie durch Klick auf "Next":

MariaDB Installation 03

Vergeben Sie ein Kennwort für den administrativen User ("root") des Datenbankservers (1) und klicken Sie auf "Next" (2):

MariaDB Installation 04

Den nächsten Schritt bestätigen Sie durch Klick auf "Next":

MariaDB Installation 05

Confirm the next step by clicking "Next":

MariaDB Installation 06

Now start the installation:

MariaDB Installation 07

When the installation is complete, exit the installer:

MariaDB Installation 08

Setting the environment variable

To use MariaDB easily on the command line of Windows, it is necessary to configure an environment variable in Windows accordingly. To do this, perform the following steps:

Enter the key combination Windows + R.

In the following dialog enter "SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe" (1) and confirm with OK (2):

Umgebungsvariablen 02

Click "Environment variables":

Umgebungsvariablen 03

In the bottom pane of the now opened window double-click on the line "Path":

Umgebungsvariablen 04

Click "New":

Umgebungsvariablen 05

Add the path to your installation of MariaDB, which contains i.a. the file mysql.exe is located. By default, this is the path C:\Program Files\MariaDB 10.3\bin .

Umgebungsvariablen 06

Close all previously opened windows one after the other by clicking "OK".

Next step

If you have completed all steps successfully, you can delete the previously downloaded "mariadb-10.3.13-winx64.msi" file from your hard disk and continue to the next step "OpenJDK".