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Elasticsearch on Windows

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Elasticsearch is a prerequisite for running Advanced Search. The steps listed here are optional and only required if you plan to use them in your BlueSpice installation.

To run Elasticsearch, OpenJDK is required. If you have not installed it, install it now.

Download Elasticsearch

BlueSpice is currently compatible with Elasticsearch 6.x as of version 6.3.1. Elasticsearch > 6.x is currently NOT supported!

The latest version can be found at this list. This results in the following direct download link:<version number>.zip. For example,

Follow the download instructions of your browser.

Please note that the download on your Windows Server with Internet Explorer will only work if you have configured the Internet Explorer Advanced Security Settings in the Server Manager. Please refer to the technical documentation from Microsoft.

In the following, Elasticsearch version 6.3.1 is used and is only an example of the latest version of the 6.x version, which you can download at the time of your installation.

Unpacking Elasticsearch

Unpack the contents of the ZIP archive (2) just downloaded into the folder "C:\bluespice\bin\elasticsearch-6.3.1" (1):

Elasticsearch Installation 01

Installing the plugin ingest-attachment

Change to the directory "C:\bluespice\bin\elasticsearch-6.3.1\bin" (1) and right-click on a free area of the Explorer window with the Shift key pressed. Then click "Open Command Prompt Here" (2):

Elasticsearch Installation 02

Execute the command "elasticsearch-plugin.bat install ingest-attachment" (1) and after downloading the plugin, confirm the installation request with "y" (2):

Elasticsearch Installation 03

If your server does not have an active internet connection, then download the plug-in ingest-attachment as zip archive and install it, as documented directly by the manufacturer.

Installing the Elasticsearch service

Next, run the elasticsearch-service.bat install command and wait for the process to complete:

Elasticsearch Installation 07

Configuring and starting the Elasticsearch service

Press the key combination Windows+R.

In the following dialog box, enter "services.msc" (1) und confirm with "OK" (2):

Elasticsearch Installation 04

Search for the service "Elasticsearch 6.3.1" and open it with a double-click:

Elasticsearch Installation 05

Select the startup type "Automatic" (1) and start the service (2). After the service is started, close the window with "OK" (3):

Elasticsearch Installation 06

Next step

If you have completed all steps successfully, you can delete the previously downloaded file "" from your hard disk and continue to the next step "Git".