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Windows Folder Structure

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Microsoft Windows distributes program installations and configurations, the web root under IIS, etc., to various folders in the file system. Since BlueSpice is a PHP-based web application, it is not always easy to use the Windows default system paths in the application.
For this reason, we recommend creating your own folder structure for BlueSpice, for all related data and for additional program installations.
In the following we describe and recommend a proven folder structure.

Folder structure

As root directory for the installation, "\bluespice\" is specified in the root directory of the drive (for example, C:\bluespice or D:\bluespice).

The folder structure based on Unix operating systems is:

├─ backup/           # for backups
├─ bin/              # for additional programs and custom scripts
├─ etc/              # for configuration files
├─ opt/
│  └─ bluespice/
│     ├─ cache/         # BlueSpice-specific cache
│     ├─ images/        # file uploads
│     └─ widgets/       # rendered widgets
├─ tmp/              # temporary files
└─ var/
   ├─ log/           # log files of the web server
   └─ www/           # The actual BlueSpice application

File names for installing programs

When installing programs in \bluespice\ bin, please be sure to install these programs in subfolders that contain no special characters and/or spaces.