Introduction[edit | edit source]

Microsoft Windows distributes program installations and configurations, the Webroot under IIS etc. to various folders in the file system. Since BlueSpice is a web application based on PHP, it is not always easy to use the Windows default system paths in the application.
For this reason, we recommend creating a separate folder structure for BlueSpice, all related data and additional program installations.
In the following we describe a proven folder structure that is also recommended by us.

Folder structure[edit | edit source]

In the following, "\bluespice\" is specified as the base directory for the installation in the root directory of the drive (e.g. C:\bluespice or D:\bluespice).

The folder structure based on Unix operating systems is:

├─ backup/           # für Backups
├─ bin/              # für Zusätzliche Programme sowie eigene Scripte
├─ etc/              # für Konfigurationsdateien
├─ opt/
│  └─ bluespice/
│     ├─ cache/         # BlueSpice-eigener Cache
│     ├─ images/        # Datei-Uploads
│     └─ widgets/       # Gerenderte Widgets
├─ tmp/              # Temporäre Dateien
└─ var/
   ├─ log/           # LOG-Dateien des Webservers
   └─ www/           # Die eigentliche BlueSpice-Applikation

Folder names for program installations[edit | edit source]

When installing programs in \bluespice\bin, please always ensure that these programs are installed in subfolders that do not contain any special characters and/or spaces.

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