In this exampla for SMW, we create a query for customer data. The collected information is shown at the beginning of each customer page.

Example: Customer data
Example: Customer data

This requires 4 steps:

  1. Defining properties
  2. Creating a template
  3. Creating a form
  4. Creating a category

Defining properties

For our customer query, we define 3 properties:

  • Location
  • Contact person
  • Date of first contact
  1. Switch to Special pages in the navigation menu Global Actions. Scroll down to section Page Forms.
    Create a property
    Create a property

  2. Click Create a property. In the form, enter the name and data type for the first property Has location:: - Property name (1): Hat Location - Data type (2): Text
    Create the first property
    Create the first property

    Click Save page (3). A message box appears that shows you that the property is now being processed in the wiki. You can ignore this message.
    Property gets processed
    Property gets processed

    For each property, a page is created in the namespace Property in the wiki. This page contains the information about the data type.
  3. Switch back to the page Wechseln Sie erneut zur Seite Spezial:CreateProperty. Create the property Has contact person with data type Text as shown before.
  4. Switch back to Special:CreateProperty. Create the property Has First contact with data type Date.
Tip:In your personal navigation, you can create a quick link to the Page Forms section of the special pages main page. Just enter the following link: **[[Special:SpecialPages#Page_Forms]]

You can review the properties in your wiki by going to the page Special:Properties.

Special page: Properties
Special page: Properties

The necessary properties for data collection are now available. In the next step, we create the template that will be included in our customer pages to display the customer data.

Create the template

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