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What is BlueSpicePageAccess?

BlueSpicePageAccess allows only a certain group access to the page.


Editing the PageAccess tag in VisualEditor

To add this tag, use "Insert magic word" dialog and select "PageAccess". For more information on how to insert magic words see BlueSpiceInsertMagic extension.

Access restriction per page is done on group basis. Access to the page will be allowed only to users belonging to groups listed in the tag. "Access" here means all actions, including read and edit. To use this functionality, add PageAccess tag anywhere on the page.

 <bs:pageaccess groups="secure" /> 

This restricts all access to the group "secure". To add more groups, use commas to separate:

 <bs:pageaccess groups="secure,secure1,secure2" />

User can only restrict access to the groups that it belongs to. This is a security feature, in order to prevent users from locking themselves out of a page.

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