4.20. BlueSpiceGroupManager

What is BlueSpiceGroupManager?

BlueSpiceGroupManager is a tool for managing groups on the wiki. It allows adding, renaming and deleting groups.

Where to find BlueSpiceGroupManager?


BlueSpiceGroupManager provides a special page Special:GroupManager which is availble from the right navigation in Global Actions tab, Management group.

The functionality of BlueSpiceGroupManager


Following functinality is provided by this extension:

  • Overview of the groups - list of all user groups available on the wiki
  • Creating new groups - clicking on "plus" button above the table will open a dialog to insert new a new group.
  • Renaming a group - group can be renamed by selecting desired group and clicking a "wrench" icon above the table, or by clicking a "wrench" icon that appears in the table row, once the group is selected. System groups - ones provided by MediaWiki by default, or declared by other extensions cannot be renamed.
  • Deleting a group - much like with renaming, groups can be deleted by clicking "x" button above the table once the group is selected or by clicking the "x" button in the group table row. System groups cannot be deleted.

Further operations with groups

To assign users to groups use BlueSpiceUserManager. To assign roles (permissions) to groups use BlueSpicePermissionManager.

See also

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