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BlueSpice 4.3


ReleaseRelease date
4.3.3October 19, 2023
4.3.1July 20, 2023
4.3.2July 20, 2023
4.3June 29, 2023


Release date: 06/29/2023

BlueSpice 4.3 is a minor release

The code base was updgraded to MW 1.39.


  • supports PHP 8.2
  • LDAP, Simple SAMLphp, OpenIDConnect : Upgraded to be compatible with PluggableAuth 6/7

New Features

Feature Description Screenshot
Content Droplets We are introducing Content droplets as a convenient way to insert special content in a wiki page. This includes tags, parser functions, and templates. The feature replaces the "Magic words" menu item of the Visual Editor.

Content Droplets documentation

screenshot of the Content droplets menu
Content droplets
Enhanced Menu Editor

The main navigation can now contain hierarchical links. In addition, 4 configurations of the sidebar are possible.

Menu Editor documentation

Enhanced Sidebar
PDF Embed It is now possible to embed a PDF viewer in wiki pages. It is contained in the Content Droplets menu for easy access.

Content Droplets documentation

Screenshot of an embedded PDF file
Extension PDFEmbed
Startpage Templates To support the creation of portal pages for the main page and for all other content namespaces, we now provide two startpage templates.

To further support users with the design of portal pages, the renowned icon library Font Awesome is now bundled with BlueSpice.

Startpage Templates documentation

Container Filter You can now mark sections of a page for filtering and display a filter just for the content located within these sections of the page.

Container Filter documentation

Screenshot of a filtered table
Container filter

Additional improvements

  • VisualEditor: the copy and paste functionality out of other applications (e.g., MS Word) has been significantly improved.
  • Tagging of page templates: Page templates can be categorized with tags in the Page template manager. The tags work as a filter when selecting page templates.

Added extensions (8)

Extension Description Developer
ContainerFilter Allows to filter content elements within a page. Hallo Welt!
ContentDroplets VisualEditor integration for inserting predefined content snippets Hallo


ContentStabilization Replaces the approval mechanism previously provided by the extensions FlaggedRevs / BlueSpiceFlaggedRevsConnector. The experience for the user should be seamless. Hallo Welt!
FontAwesome Provides a library of icons which can be used in conjunction with the Droplet "Icon" MediaWiki
InstanceStatus Allows to insert a header or footer (on a page basis or on a namespace basis) in the content area of ​​a page. Hallo Welt!
PDFEmbed Media handler extension for PDF files. MediaWiki
PreToClip Copies contents of <pre> and <syntaxhightlight> tags into the clipboard. MediaWiki
SectionAnchors Adds a link to headings for copying the path to the clipbard. Hallo Welt!

Removed extensions (4)

  • FlaggedRevs: Replaced with extension ContentStabilization
  • BlueSpiceDrawioConnector: Inntegrated into exension BlueSpiceDrawio
  • BlueSpiceFlaggedRevsConnector: Replaced with extension ContentStabilization
  • BlueSpiceInsertMagic: Replaced with extension ContentDroplet

Content changes

The following content changes can affect the display of content in the wiki and may require manual adjustments:

  • Missing privacy pages can cause a yellow banner. This is only visible to the admin users.
  • The start page templates may not be able to display all styles if templates contained therein already exist in the wiki before the update.
  • Styles defined in templates or in MediaWiki:Common.css may no longer be applied.
  • The ContentDroplet icon can only be inserted in block mode.
  • Missing language switcher on pages whose title area is hidden.

More infos about the content changes

To submit feedback about this documentation, visit our community forum.

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