BlueSpice 4.2

BlueSpice 4.2 is a minor release. Release date: 28.07.2022

Point Releases

ReleaseRelease date
4.2.7May 22, 2023
4.2.6March 16, 2023
4.2.5February 21, 2023
4.2.4December 15, 2022
4.2.3November 17, 2022
4.2.2October 27, 2022
4.2.1September 15, 2022
4.2July 28, 2022

New Features

Feature Description Screenshot
Word import

(BlueSpice pro)

It's finally here! With BlueSpice 4.2, you can now import Word files as wiki pages. You can use the following features here:
  • Upload: Easy upload via the "New" button.
  • Divide content: Based on heading levels in the Word document, subpages can be created.
  • Preview: The structure and content of the new pages and the image files to be imported can be viewed in advance.
  • Page list: Creation of an overview page with all generated wiki pages. This can be used to create a book.


Import Word file dialog
New page templates BlueSpice now includes useful page templates for numerous use cases. These can easily be modified or deactivated as needed.


Selection of standard page templates
File attachments A list of files can be included anywhere on a wiki page directly from the Visual Dditor using an <attachments /> tag.

This function replaces the previous attachments area at the end of a page.


File attachments area on a wiki page
Improved file upload function All features in the wiki that allow multi-file upload are now supported via an improved upload dialog.

In addition, files can now be added directly onto a wiki page in edit mode a via drag-and-drop. It is automatically embedded as a preview image without any further intermediate steps. Documents such as docx, pdf, or xlsx are linked directly as a text link.

enhanced upload area screenshot

blog permissions

It is now possible to set granular permissions in an embedded blog. This way, the creation and reading of blog entries and comments can be restricted to specific user groups.


blog entry screenshot
New dialog for PDF export Refactoring of the already existing export options of a wiki page for better maintainability of the export feature.
PDF export dialog
Advanced workflow activities Workflows have been enhanced with the following functionalities:
  • Workflow triggers: Workflows can be triggered automatically according to various criteria, e.g., after creating or editing a page or by a particular document date.
  • Activity "SetTemplateParams": Template parameters can be edited by workflows.
  • Activity "EditPage": Wiki pages can be edited via workflow.
screenshot of adding a new workflow trigger
Tag inspectors Dialogs for more tags are now offered in the Visual Editor.
Editor for navigation menus Graphical user interface allows editing of the main navigation as well as the user menu via drag-and-drop.

All added extensions

Developer: MW=MediaWiki extension; HW=Hello world! extension
Extension Developer Description Screenshot
CodeMirror MW Allows highlighting of wikitext-syntax in the source view of a wiki page.
EnhancedUpload HW Improved file upload feature.
HeaderFooter MW Allows to insert a header or footer (on a page basis or on a namespace basis) in the content area of ​​a page.
ImportOfficeFiles HW Allows importing a Word file as wiki pages.
InviteSignup MW Allows wiki users to be invited by an administrator.
MenuEditor HW Allows editing of the main navigation via a graphical user interface.
OpenID Connect MW Extends the PluggableAuth extension to provide authentication using OpenID Connect.
SubPageList MW Allows the creation of subpage lists on wiki pages.

No longer bundled extensions and features

  • Bootstrap: Removed with "Calumma" as part of the Bluespice 3 skin.
  • BlueSpiceCalumma: BlueSpice 3 default skin.
  • BlueSpiceLatexRenderer: Replaced by the Math extension.
  • BlueSpiceNamespaceCSS: Namespace-specific CSS is no longer defined separately via individual CSS pages. The styles are defined directly in the global stylesheet MediaWiki:Common.css via the namespace CSS class.
  • BlueSpiceServiceCenter
  • BlueSpiceSocialWikiPage: The function previously provided by BlueSpiceSocial to create page attachments has been replaced by the <attachments /> tag.
  • Chameleon Skin

Additional changes in BlueSpice free

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