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Python with the Pygmentize extension is required for rendering the MediaWiki extension SyntaxHighlight, which is part of BlueSpice. If you do not need the functionality, the installation of Python is not relevant for the installation and operation of BlueSpice.


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Download Python directly at python.org.

Python 01

In the following, Python in version 3.10.2 is used and only serves as an example for the most current version that you can download at the time of your installation.


Open the file that you have just downloaded.

Select both checkboxes (1).

Click "Customize installation" (2):

Python 02

Click "Next" in the Optional Features window.

Python 03

Make sure to install Python for all users (1) . Choose an appropriate path, if possible without spaces and special characters (2)

Click "Install" to start the installation (3).

Python 04

This documentation assumes the folder structure recommended by us. For this reason, Python is unpacked at this point in the folder C:\bluespice\bin\python-3.10.2. If you have individual wishes, adjust these paths according to your own understanding.

Deactivate the limitation of the path length to 260 characters after the installation:

Python 05

Click "Close" to finish the installation.

Python 06

Installing Pygmentize

Open the PowerShell (the command prompt in older Windows versions). To do this, right-click "Start" (1) and select "Command Prompt (Administrator)" (2):

Python 07

Geben Sie den Befehl "pip install pygments" ein und warten Sie, bis der folgende Prozess

Setup:systempreparation python 08.png


Your Windows server is now fully prepared for the actual installation of BlueSpice.

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