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This template creates a page banner that you can include on portal pages, for example. You can see an example here in the Helpdesk on the topic pages, e.g, quality assurance.

Importing the template

The import file is included in the archive file Unpack the zip file first.

On the page Special:Import follow these steps:

  1. Select file and choose HW-banner.xml.
  2. Enter an Interwiki prefix. Since this field is required, simply add hw (for hallowelt).
  3. Keep the selection Import to default locations.
  4. Click Sie Upload file... .

The form-based template is now available in your wiki.

Pages included in the import

The xml import creates the following files in your wiki:

  • Template:Banner
  • Template:Banner/styles.css

Creating a banner

Banner settings
Banner settings

Alle settings for the banner are optional. This means that a box can be generated without image, heading, or text.

Example settings:

Element Value Description
1 Banner image QM:Flower_white.jpg Image name (with namespace prefix, if it exists, but without the File: prefix). The banner image is optional.
Image width 200 Number. The width will automatically be used as pixel-value. Default value: 200
Image alignment left, right Shows the imag to the left or right. Default value: left.
2 Heading Meine Überschrift Heading text
Heading size 1.6em Size can also be entered as 16px or any other css size value. Default value: 1.6em.
Heading color #444444 Color as hex value.
3 Text Das ist der Inhalt. Text of the box.
Text size 1.2em see Heading size
Text color #444444 see Heading color
4 Content padding 20px Distance of the title/text area to the box and the image. Default value:10px.
5 Padding of the container box 10px Padding of the box itself. Default value: 0.
6 Background color #efefef Color as hex value . Default value #efefef (a light grey)