Topic/All settings for the new group are gone

All settings for the new group are gone

Created 9 months and 2 weeks ago P technik

Error: "Is there an up-to-date documentation available for the new Permission Manager. It seems to be intuitive, however I can't get it work? I add a new group via the Group Manager, e.g. qeditor. the new group is written to gm-settings.php - fine. Within the Permission Manager I assign new rights to this group, save - it says permissions saved - fine, however permissions for the new group are not reflected in pm-settings.php. Consequently when reloading the permission manager all settings for the new group are gone?"

Solution: This problem has been fixed in BlueSpice 2.23.1

How it works The first step to set permissions is to set them in the first folder for the whole wiki (*). The permissions you set for a group, will be set automatically for the following folders, for the wiki and all namespaces (green coloured - not checked). If you want to give the groups more/different permissions - maybe in different namespaces - you can select them manually, but if you do that, the other groups, in the same hierarchy level, lose that permission for the namespace you choosen.