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Installing Texvc

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Texvc is a program that reads in mathematical expressions. It is needed for the correct operation of the MediaWiki extension "Math". These are functionalities of BlueSpice pro. For this purpose, the steps listed here are required for BlueSpice pro.


A prerequesite for installing Texvc is the installation of some external packages in your Linux distribution with the following commands:

apt update; \
apt install dvipng \
  g++ \
  gcc \
  make \
  ocaml-nox \
  texlive-latex-base \
  texlive-latex-extra; \
apt clean


To install Texvc, go to the codebase of your BlueSpice sources in the folder extensions/Math/math. Here, execute the command make. Texvc will now be compiled.

After finishing the process, move the texvc file that was just created in the same folder to /usr/local/bin and make it executable by the following commands.

chown root.staff /usr/local/bin/math; \
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/math

Next Step

If you have completed all steps successfully, you can proceed to the next step " PhantomJS".