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Patch Update

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For large version jumps (e.g., BlueSpice 2.27.3 to 3.1.10), a new installation is generally recommended.

For a patch update (for example, version 3.1.x to a higher version 3.1.x) you can simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a backup: Pull a dump of the database and save it together with the complete codebase to a backup location of your choice.
  2. Renew the codebase: Overwrite the codebase of the current version with the new codebase of the higher version.
  3. Compare: After the overwrite, please compare the following files and folder. Copy from your backup location if necessary
    1. If you have a custom skin, please check the skins/ folder.
    2. LocalSettings.php
    3. extensions/BlueSpiceFoundation/config
    4. settings.d/In settings.d, especially *.local.php files. Copy from your backup if necessary.
  4. Run the update:
    1. Open a console and go to the installation folder (on the LocalSettings.php level)
    2. Then enter the following command: php maintenance/update.php

If you use Linux as the basis of your BlueSpice installation, please note that file system permissions may be lost when overwriting the codebase. More information can be found under File System Permissions.

Note: In a patch update, usually no database schemas have changed. It may not be necessary to run update.php.

Important! For MediaWiki 1.35: The "managed configs files" ('gm-settings.php','nm-settings.php', 'pm-settings.php') are automatically rewritten during an upgrade to BlueSpice 3.1. This happens during execution of 'maintenance/update.php'.

Since this is, most of the time, not executed as "webserver user", it can be assumed that the file system permissions are changed. This can possibly result in the files no longer being writable through the manager user interfaces (e.g., Special:NamespaceManager).

Therefore, the file system permissions of these files have to be checked and, if necessary, corrected.