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Performance Optimization: ManualRecache of LanguageCache

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To prevent Rebuilding LocalizationCache with every page call, apply the following configuration:

When following these instructions, make sure that the $wgCacheDirectory variable is set in advance. This is already the case in the BlueSpice standard delivery in the file settings.d/005-Directories.php.

This performance optimization achieves the best performance by enabling and configuring opcache in PHP.

In the settings.d folder of your codebase, create the file 006-ManualRecache.php with the following contents:

$wgLocalisationCacheConf = [
	'class' => LocalisationCache::class,
	'store' => 'array',
	'storeClass' => false,
	'storeDirectory' => $wgCacheDirectory,
	'manualRecache' => true,

Then delete all existing files in the cache folder of your codebase. Then manually re-create the LocalizationCache by entering the following on your console:

php /pfad/zur/installation/maintenance/rebuildLocalisationCache.php --force

Finally, make sure that this is done regularly in the background via cronjob ("Task Scheduler" under Windows). We recommend this twice a day, for example at 6am and 6pm.