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State: stable Dependency: BlueSpice
Developer: HalloWelt License: [[]]
Type: BlueSpice Category: Skinning
Edition: BlueSpice free, BlueSpice pro, BlueSpice Farm, BlueSpice Cloud Version: 4.1- 4.1


The extension NamespaceCSS allows users to use different CSS styles for different namespaces. This can be useful if you want to visually distinguish between different manuals or parts of your wiki.

It is possible to change the look of the wiki at the namespace level.

The CSS code is written to the contents of the <namespace name>_css page. The extension checks at each page call whether there is a CSS page for this namespace. This is then registered as a StyleSheet.

Example: MediaWiki:User_css affects all pages that are in the namespace User.

Starting with BlueSpice 4.2, namespace-specific styling can be applied directly in MediaWiki:Common.css. See the extension's help page.

Technical Information

This information applies to BlueSpice 4. Technical details for BlueSpice Cloud can differ in some cases.


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