Provides an analytic view of many relevant parameters on the wiki.
Status: stable
Developer: HalloWelt
Extension type: BlueSpice
Edition: BlueSpice pro, BlueSpice Farm, BlueSpice Cloud, BlueSpice free (deactivated)
Dependencies: BlueSpice
License: GPL v3 only
Activated: Yes
Category: Reporting

ExtendedStatistics provides an analytic view of many relevant parameters on the wiki, providing wiki administrators better insight into the usage of the wiki.

Usage / Features

ExtendedStatistics can be accessed from the page Special:ExtendedStatistics.

It offers analysis of many aspects of wiki, like:

  • Number of users.
  • Number of pages.
  • Edits per user.
  • Search queries and more.

This data can be filtered:

  • By defining the period (from and to date).
  • Granulation (interval to show on diagram - day, week, month, year).
  • Type (absolute, aggregate and list modes).
  • Additional filters depending of the data being represented.

Technical information


Some aspects of this extension can be configured with the Config manager, under ExtendedStatistics. Here, wiki administrators can configure:

  • the users to exclude from statistical analysis
  • the maximum number of interval steps

Rights (permissions)

This extension does not require any special rights.


ExtendedStatistics requires BlueSpiceFoundation.

More info

For detailed description and usage, visit our help page.


Test this functionality in our BlueSpice Demo.