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What is BlueSpiceFilterableTables?

BlueSpiceFilterableTables offers the ability to filter regular content tables in wiki articles.


To add filterablity to a table, a CSS class "filterable" must be added to the table.

Using VisualEditor

Once in edit mode, click on the table to open the options popup and click on "Properties". In the dialog that opens, toggle on "Filterable" option.


Using WikiText editor

Adding "filterable" class in wikitext

Once in edit mode, add class "filterable" to the table header.

{| class="wikitable filterable"
!Heading 1

Class filterable can be used in combinations with classes other than "wikitable" as well as be used alone.

Filtering tables

Using the FilterableTables

Once the table with CSS class "filterable" is saved, in view mode, table look will change. In order to filter the values in the table, click on the header of the column to filter and select "Filter" from the dropdown menu. In the input field that opens, type in the filter text.

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