AtMentions is available from BlueSpice 4.4.

To directly address a user on a page, you can mention that user. A mention is then shown as a specially formatted name. It can be used in combination with a task and date to create a task item for the mentioned user.

What are mentions?

If you mention a user on a page, the user's name is inserted as a mention-item.

To mention a user:

  1. Select the Mention menu item in the editor toolbar or type @ in visual editing mode.
    visual editor menu bar with mention item selected
    The "mention" menu item
  2. Enter a user name. The mention is added to the page.
    Example of a formatted user mention
    User mention on the page.

The user is notified of the mention, because it creates a link to the user's profile page. Users can change their notification settings for mentions in their preference. By default, users get in-wiki notifications, but no e-mail notifications.

Checked checkbox for in-wiki notifications and unchecked e-mail notifications in the users preferences
Notification setting for mentions

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