With the page Special:CreateCategory, we now connect the category Customer data with the form Customer data.

This adds a form edit link to all pages that use the template Customer data. Additionally, it makes it possible to list pages that include customer data throughout the wiki.

Activating the form edit mode

  1. Switch again to the page Special:Special pages. In the section Page Forms, click the link Create a category.
    Create a category
    Create a category
  2. Enter the category name you chose in step "Create template". In our case, this is the category Customer data (1). Select the form Customer data (2). Click Save page (3).
    Enter category info
    Associate category and form

The category page Customer data is now associated with the form Customer data.

Category that is associated with a form
Category that is associated with a form

The Customer data category page is now linked to the Customer data form. As a result of this link, the edit button opens the form on the customer pages.
Screenshot of the edit buttoncenter
The edit-button opens the form
Note:If you do not want to use a category to make the "form edit" option available on a page, you can also associate the form with a namespace or simply add the form reference directly to the template. For more information see the instructions on mediawiki.org

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