3.1 Creating tasks

SimpleTasks is available from BlueSpice 4.4.

What are tasks?

Tasks are checklist items that can be checked on or off to indicate if the task is open or completed.

Each task description needs to be unique, since the task ID is created from the description.

Simple tasks

Simple tasks show a checkbox with a task description.

unchecked task checkbox with description
Task item

To add a simple task:

  1. Type [] at the beginning of the line and then add text directly after the checkbox.
  2. Press Enter. The line is automatically converted into a checklist item.

To add a simple task as Content Droplet:

  1. Click the Content Droplet icon in the editor toolbar.
  2. Select the Tasklist droplet. This inserts a checkbox.
  3. Add the task description next to the checkbox.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add more tasks. Alternatively, copy the first task line and paste it onto new lines. Then change the individual task descriptions.

You can now check the items of your list. Everytime a checkbox is checked or unchecked, the version history of the page creates an entry.

version history of the page with comments showing versions with checkbox status changes
Checkbox changes in the page history

Combined tasks

Tasks can have three elements: (1) A task checkbox with label, (2) an assignee, and (3) an optional date. When these elements are added to the page consecutively (the order of these elements is flexible), a single task item is created.

Task list with 4 tasks that have a description, mention and date
Finished task list

To add a combined task item:

  1. Add your task list item as described above.
  2. Add a mention immediately after the task description to assign the task to a user.
  3. Add a Date Content Droplet immediately after the user mention (optional).
  4. Copy the entire task line and paste it on a new line to create the next task item.

My Tasks

Users can see all their open tasks on their task list. Every time a task is created, the assigned user is notified in e-mail and in the wiki about the new task.

Users can modify their notification preferences as needed.

Querying tasks

If you are familiar with Semantic MediaWiki, you can query the task items. They are added as semantic subobjects with the following properties:

  • Property:Task/Desc
  • Property:Task/Due date
  • Property:Task/User
  • Property:Task/Status

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