An additional navigation menu can be created and adapted by administrators. For this purpose, the page MediaWiki:CustomMenu/Header is created by a user with admin or edit-interface permissions.

Custom menu
Custom menu


Menus are created using the unordered list syntax. The non-clickable menu heading is always a main level (*), the actual links a sub-level (**). Further sub-levels are not possible. Example:

** BlueSpice Homepage|
** News|
*Hallo Welt!
** Homepage|https://
*Social Media
** Twitter BluesSpice|
** Twitter DACH|
** Facebook BlueSpice|
** Facebook BlueSpiceDEU|
** Facebook Hallo Welt!|

Example: Link to a wiki page

A link to the wiki page 'Main page' with the label "Testlink":

** Testlink | Main page

Example: Link to an external website

A link to the website "" with the label "BlueSpice Homepage"

** BlueSpice Homepage|