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In BlueSpice 4, an additional custom menu is integrated as a mega menu. This menu can be created and edited by users with admin rights. The link-icon (1) is only displayed once the corresponding page has been created.

If you don't see the menu icon in your wiki, create the following page: MediaWiki:CustomMenu/Header

Custom menu screenshot
Custom menu: (1) open menu, (2) edit link, (3) menu items

Menu editor

Visual menu editor is available from BlueSpice 4.2.

To add a new menu header using the menu editor:

  1. Click Add new element to create a new menu header.
    Add a new menu heading
    Add a new menu heading
  2. Enter the text for your menu header. In a multilingual wiki, you can also enter a message key.
    Enter a heading name
    Enter a heading name
  3. Click Done.

To add links:

  1. Select Add new subitem from the dropdown menu of the menu header.
    add a link
    add a link as a new subitem
  2. Enter the page name as the link target and the label that you want to show:
    enter link info
    enter link info
  3. Click Done.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3.
  5. Click Save changes.
Note:If you use the parser function {{#ifingroup:... to display navigation elements in the source code, you must always edit the main navigation in the source code. In visual editing mode, saving removes any parser function or semantic queries.

Source edit mode

To add new links:

  1. Change to source editing mode.
  2. Create one or more navigation links (with or without section heading). The following example shows a link to the page "Company" with the label "Our company" and an external link to the BlueSpice website with the label "Website". The links are grouped together under the section heading "Quicklinks":
    **Company|Our company
  3. Save the page. The links are now shown in the main navigation.

Link labels may collide with system messages. If this is the case, simply append the HTML-code for an empty space to the description:


Delete the custom menu

To remove the custom menu link-icon from the wiki, the MediaWiki:CustomMenu/Header page must be deleted. The page can be restored via the deletion log.

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