Filtering tables

FilterableTables applies a filterable and sortable table layout to regular content tables in wiki articles.

Setting the filter option

Visual editing

To apply a filterable table style to your table:

  1. Click once in the table. This opens the table inspector.
  2. Click Properties in the inspector.
    Selecting table properties
  3. Activate the slider for the setting filterable.
    Setting the filter option
    Setting the filter option
  4. Click done.
  5. Save the page. After saving the page, you will see a filterable table layout.
Note:Any global table styles that are applied in the table properties are ignored as long as the value "filterable" is active. A filterable table comes with its own table styling.

Source editing

In source-editing mode, add the class "filterable" to the table opening line:

{| class="wikitable filterable"
!Heading 1
Adding the "filterable" class in wikitext
Adding the "filterable" class in wikitext

Sorting columns with special data types

If a column should consider special data types for sorting (e.g., date, number), you can add a class attribute in the header cell of that column. Please note that a header cell is always defined by an exclamation mark ("!").

{| class="wikitable filterable"
! class="number" |Col A


Col A

Possible values for the class attribute are:

  • string
  • integer
  • number
  • date

Filtering table columns

The special filter layout of a table is only applied in view mode.

To filter the values in the table, click on the header of the column to filter and select "Filter" from the dropdown menu. In the input field that opens, type in the filter text.

Applying a table filter
Applying a table filter

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