In BlueSpice 4, an additional custom menu is integrated as a mega menu. This menu can be created and edited by users with admin rights. The link-icon (1) is only displayed once the corresponding page has been created.

Create the custom menu

Custom menu screenshot
Custom menu: (1) open menu, (2) edit link, (3) menu items

To create the menu :

  1. Open the page MediaWiki:CustomMenu/Header.
  2. Create the first menu header. Menu headers are marked with a single asterisk (*);
    * Important pages
  3. Add the links for this menu header. Links are marked with two asterisks (**) and have the following syntax:
    ** target page|label


* Important pages
** Special:Blog|Blog
** IMS:Policies|Policies
* BlueSpice
**|BlueSpice Homepage

After the custom menu has been created, it can now be modified directly via the Edit menu link (see screenshot above).

Delete the custom menu

To remove the custom menu link-icon from the wiki, the MediaWiki:CustomMenu/Header page must be deleted. The page can be restored via the deletion log.

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