In BlueSpice 4, an additional custom menu is integrated as a mega menu. This menu can be created and edited by users with admin rights. The link-icon (1) is only displayed once the corresponding page has been created.

Create the custom menu[edit | edit source]

Custom menu screenshot
Custom menu: (1) open menu, (2) edit link, (3) menu items

To create the menu :

  1. Open the page MediaWiki:CustomMenu/Header.
  2. Create the first menu header. Menu headers are marked with a single asterisk (*);
    * Important pages
  3. Add the links for this menu header. Links are marked with two asterisks (**) and have the following syntax:
    ** target page|label


* Important pages
** Special:Blog|Blog
** IMS:Policies|Policies
* BlueSpice
**|BlueSpice Homepage

After the custom menu has been created, it can now be modified directly via the Edit menu link (see screenshot above).

Delete the custom menu[edit | edit source]

To remove the custom menu link-icon from the wiki, the MediaWiki:CustomMenu/Header page must be deleted. The page can be restored via the deletion log.

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