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User Groups

A user can be assigned to one or more user groups in the Wiki. Thus the user automatically receives all rights reserved for the corresponding group.

The following permission groups exist by default in the Wiki (please note that depending on the configuration of your Wiki some of these groups are not displayed in the group administration and can only be assigned via the user administration):

Group Description of the persmissions
Not logged in users (*) These anonymous users can create and edit pages by default. The changes appear in the version history with the IP address.
Logged in users (user) They have the right to move pages and upload images. If they make changes, their username will be displayed in the version history. In the namespace "User" every registered user gets a personal page. They can also watch pages.
Automatically confirmed users (autoconfirmed) Automatically confirmed users can move pages, edit semi-protected pages, and upload files or newer versions of a file.
Administrators (sysop) As an admin, the user can protect pages. Protected pages can be edited. Administrators also have the right to delete pages or restore deleted pages. Administrators can also lock or unlock users or IPs.
Bureaucrats (bureaucrat) Bureaucrats can give or deny bot, administrator and bureaucrat rights to other users. This is done via the special page "Special:UserRights".
Bot (bot) If a user has this status, their changes are hidden in the "Recent Changes".

Some BlueSpice extensions install additional groups that can be assigned to users:


Group Description of the persmissions
editor Editors can mark pages as viewed. Their changes can be released automatically.
reviewer A reviewer can mark an article as reviewed and approve it.
autoreviewer Editing by users of the "autoreview" group is automatically marked as approved.


Groupe Description of the persmissions
smwadministrator Provides access to the Special:Administration page of Semantic MediaWiki and its features.

By other extensions (e.g. from MediaWiki) further groups can be available. In this case, please refer to the respective documentation.
To assign a group to a user, visit the UserManager.